Painter-Actress Rashmi Pitre is Hon. PATRON of PAWS an NGO for Plant and Animal Welfare

Painter-Actress Rashmi Pitre is Hon. Patron of PAWS an NGO for Plant and Animal Welfare

Artist and Actress Ms. Rashmi Pitre is the Hon. Patron of PAWS – Plant and Animal Welfare Society, Mumbai. She is working for the NGO as Hon. Patron since 2014. However, She is supporting the movement since 2011.

Rashmi Pitre is sensitive towards nature and her love and dedication towards it is also seen in her Paintings and her Poetry that reflects Protection and conservation of nature. Her Paintings are primarily Landscape and Seascapes in Semi-abstracts and Abstracts. “Our forests, trees and animals need our love and care”, she believes. She creates awareness regarding the same.

She is delighted to be a part of this initiative.

Rashmi will surely like to continue her support for the NGO and will continue getting involved and working for the activities of PAWS which includes the protection of Sparrows in  Mumbai.


See link for Coverage in the Eden magazine 2011 –

Rashmi Pitre was the Judge of Sparrow Drawing Competition by PAWS -2011. See Coverage– Supporting the cause since year 2011