About Rashmi Pitre

Rashmi Pitre is an well-known Actress, an established Painter and a Poetess. 

Rashmi Pitre is an Actress , Painter and a Poetess. She is an established Painter with Art Shows in India, Canada, Worcester and USA. She is known for her Concept- ‘ Painting with Poetry’. She beautifully merges her own English Poetry with her Paintings. Though all her work is not with poetry. Rashmi says, ‘ Poetry resounds in my paintings..’ She has written more than 200 English Poems and is ready to compile it in a book.
Rashmi Pitre paintings are mostly semi- abstract and Abstracts on the Subjects on Nature and it’s various artistic elements. Her Work is about the Spirituality and philosophy that speaks and creates a bond with Human beings.
She has been awarded with lots of Prizes at State and National Level in Painting and Acting.
Recently She has received the ‘ Golden Achiever Award’ from renowned Jury members film fraternity. She has received the Spandan’s Best Artist Award and also Social Award for Artist’s Contribution in Social Work.
She received the Humanity First Foundation Award last month. And also being announced as the Recipient of Laadli Award- the ‘Daughter’s Special Achievement Award’.
Rashmi Pitre has acted in more than 6 serials on TV in Central Lead roles on Star Plus, Zee Tv,  Imagine TV, etc. She has acted as ‘Chaturi’ in Diya aur Bati Hum on Star Plus.
Rashmi has completed more than 2000 episodes on Tv till date. She has acted with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan as they graced one of her serials on Star Plus.
She has also acted in few films in Hindi and Marathi with popular actors. She is now acting in Short Films for International Festivals.
Thank you.
Rashmi Pitre