Rashmi Pitre has written more than 200 English poems . To view few of her published and sold poems please follow…


Few poems from her book of poems to be launched soon..


1. ‘A Beautiful Painting’

That all I had in my heart

Was all soft spoken by the art

It hurt me a bit as I looked at it

But it unfolded a picture I had truly never believed!

But I felt the warmth of her feelings

When my conscience hugged me a little

The blue face dipped in the universe of grief,

I thought would never come out of belief!

Abruptly it revealed to me,

Everything was fair when you thought it correct!

And the fire below,

Reached the sky…

That filled it with pure plums of hope!

Could you tell me…

“What the lady in the mirror had in real?”

A pessimist figure, An Optimist mind!

                                        Published Work–© Rashmi Pitre.


2. ‘Quiet’

Quiet the sunrays

Sit on my shoulders,

My cheeks, my nose,

And on my eyelids..

 Sitting on the rooftop when I feel them..

Silence flows down to my heart..

 The golden rays turn into beautiful memories,

And I see the white clouds..

Each with a frame of my nerves that experienced it..

 Quiet ears hear the sound of laughter that rolled sometime back..

The quietness grows with every bird swinging from one leaf to another..

 And I quickly step down the ladder..

Hoping the silence to break.. !

                                 Published Work–© Rashmi Pitre


3. In the Golden moments..

In the Golden Moments of Life..

My heart clings to the beauty around..

I can smell peace..

And it breezes into my skin..

With a blush and glow..

To the lustre that lies within.. !

                                 Published work –© Rashmi Pitre


4. Soul of the Forest

Walking in the woods

the Soul of the forest..


turning to the deep hues..

the river of running branches


the solitude of harsh particles of the silver dews of waterfalls

falling from a great height of maximum mountains.. 

the feet smile lovingly..

the new surfaces of the wet sun green leaves..

the babies of the birds require the familiarity of tune

carrying the pots of nectar on their heads

these females drank the jar of wet humidity and the scorching rays of dry..

tanned faces reveal the glory of twinkling dawn of the son of the grandfather

bewitching the proud blue hue heavens..

the skies sprinkle spices of rains on their daily bread..

amusing is their journey of unknown wishes and promises..

Let the Soul quicken the union of the one barked tree.. !


                                                         Published — © Rashmi Pitre


5. The Palette

In the palette of my used colors..

I see a picture..

a painting taking shape, size and body

by the neglected strokes

the strokes, dry, wet and flowing..

helping to build something concrete 

the bed of these mousse-like color cakes..

chocolate, crimson, ultramarine and turquoise..so soft, 

gather around and swim

as if happily bathing in the pond of my titanium palette..

The painting thus formed

forms the crust of my imagination..

lending a fresh breath,

refreshing my strokes

that rapidly create and complete my art .. !

                                                                               © Rashmi Pitre ( Published work)


6.   The Walk of Life ..

Sound of Sunset

reveals the innermost voice of peace..


the gliding of the ocean subtle

the touch of the shivering craft

Resounding the comfort of the wind

that fills it with cool aura..

net nets networks the nest of the weaver bird 

all speak the tattering clothes


the plain domain of the rich craft defines

the geometry of the walk of life


Do tell me

who gave it the motion to swing along the waves.. !


© Rashmi Pitre ( Published work)


Thank you for reading..

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